M. C. Elam

A Little About M. C. Elam

   Margaret was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan. When she was a little girl, her family was always moving, across the country, across the state, across town. In each setting she found secret friends living in a closet, under a porch, in the hollow of a tree, or beneath the cut bank of a woodland creek. Blessed with a vivid imagination and sense of wonder, she wrote stories about the pretend worlds she created. She was thirteen before her folks managed to take root in one place. By then her favorite recreation was writing stories.
   “I have notebooks bulging with ideas for future stories, partially fleshed-out characters and plots."
   Margaret admits she may never get to all of them, but sometimes a whole story gels from something as simple as an unusual article clipped from a newspaper. Gramma’s Box, published a few years ago in the Twisted Tongues ezine, came from a snippet about lithopedions, commonly called stone babies, that she found in a local newspaper.
   "When I tucked that article away in my files, I knew I’d write a stone baby story one day. If the idea is rich enough, it will sprout wings and fly.”